Sunday, 20 Oct 2019

5 Top Places to Visit While Traveling to United Arab Emirates

Taking a vacation to United Arab Emirates is like submerging in a beautiful Middle Eastern fairy tale that rouses our imagination and leaves unforgettable memories for years to come. United Arab Emirates is also rated among the safest destinations for Western tourists to experience.

Below we list 5 Top places that should be considered for your next visit to United Arab Emirates.

1. Creekside Park Dubai is oasis of lush vegetation and serene views in the middle of a busy city of Dubai. This park is one of the most beloved places people come to reconnect with their senses after a long day at work. Creekside Park Dubai is also a popular tourist attraction offering a large number of amenities like a golf course, children’s play area and picnic tables that are great places to wind down after a busy sightseeing day. Creekside Park Dubai is well worth seeing while visiting United Arab Emirates. The large amphitheatre situated in the middle of the park is a popular place you can enjoy outdoor concerts and many other performances.

2. Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi is a grand monumental complex that is still actively used for worship and prayer for all followers of Muslim religion. A lot of religious travelers come to the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi to devote some time for precious prayer and pay their respects to this magnificent architectural and religious icon. If you a visitor, be respectful to the religion and wear conservative clothing in order to be admitted to the Grand Mosque. While visiting the Grand Mosque men must remove shoes, all women require being fully clad in special clothing called abaya provided right at the spot. Hotels Abu Dhabi complex is broadly scattered all over the vicinity surrounding the Grand Mosque to accommodate many visitors and worshipers in United Arab Emirates.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park is ideal destination for many travelers coming to visit United Arab Emirates. Wild Wadi Water Park boast 30 water rides to suit all ages and excitement levels of its visitors. Located in the Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai, this park allows its visitors to escape scorching heat and humidity and enjoy some thrill rides. Once you grow tired of the thrill rides and just want to relax and enjoy some nice times, choose among multiple slow rides or simply chill at one of the 3 large restaurants that offers a variety of delicious Middle Eastern dishes to try. Many hotels situated in the Jumeirah Beach area will offer discounts and packages to save you money at the Wild Wadi Water Park.

4. Vacations to Jumeirah Beach area resorts offer multiple packages and opportunities to enjoy the warm inviting waters and hot sun to complete any great family vacations. Staying at the Jumeirah Beach hotels provides incredible savings for many United Arab Emirates attractions in the surrounding areas. You can choose from swimming, snorkeling, boating or jet skiing. Indulge in delicious Middle-Eastern dishes prepared by the chefs of the Jumeirah Beach hotels.

5. Yas Island in Abu Dhabi combines all the modern day luxuries in one breathtaking area located at the coast. Even the most seasoned traveler coming to United Arab Emirates is going to find virtually anything from the large list of amenities available at the Yas Island Abu Dhabi like golf courses, five-star hotels, mega-sized rollercoaster theme parks, fantastic high-end shopping and even Formula One racing circuit. The island’s location makes it even more appealing for the tourists from all over the world due to its close proximity to all major areas of interest like Abu Dhabi and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

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